Exhibition booth design
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Exhibition booth design

Advertisement, Graphic design

The booth was designed for Dokk1 in Aarhus. DokkX is a permanent exhibition/showroom open to the public. DokkX is for all interested citizens, professionals, students (especially in the health field) and companies from both home and abroad. The aim of the exhibition is to inspire citizens on how new technology can help make everyday life easier and for professionals to show how new technology can optimise workflows and free up resources.

The main idea of the design was to create something that would help the company stand out among other companies on the one hand and on the other hand communicate how the company works, especially its booking system. For this purpose, everything that the stand and the place can offer was taken into account. Instead of using one poster, the poster was divided into three and placed in layers behind each other. This created a 3D effect that helps to attract attention and better communicate the brand.
In addition to the stand design, flyers were also designed to communicate what the company can offer to private or corporate customers.