Hollywood Most Wanted – redesign
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Hollywood Most Wanted – redesign

UI/UX design

The main goal of this project was to change the design of the website to look modern and fresh, but also to improve the user-friendliness of the interface.


In order to make the site easy to navigate, I decided to keep it as a single page where the navigation would scroll from the top of the page to a specific section. The page primarily features people and their stories, so I primarily focused on this section. Clicking on a profile will open a modal window on the right side, allowing users to quickly browse through the different profiles without leaving the main page.


As for the design of the page, I decided to make it darker to reflect the title of the page and the stories presented on it. Also, the images from the author are quite colorful and this creates a better contrast with the dark background.


To personalize the page, I used patterns from some of the images to create decorative elements that help convey the artist’s style.